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This is home page of Docker Security Playground Wiki.

What is Docker Security Playground?

Docker Security Playground is a micro services-based framework used to create virtualization network-security scenarios.

Look at Introduction for more information.


User Guide

Here the User Guide to learn how to use the application.
Look at Docker Wrapper Image standard if you want to create new docker images.
Look at Docker Errors Guide to understand errors during lab use.


  • You can contribute at official network labs repository. If you want this, look at the following DSP_Projects Contribution guide.

  • You can contribute to DSP source code. Look at Developer Guide to understand main design choices if the project, and to start coding. You can contribute by cloning project and by sending me a pull request

Developer Guide

Docker Design

Docker Implementation

Common Questions

  • Why when I edit actions those are not updated ?
    When you click on "Edit action" container actions aren't yet uploaded! You've to press on Edit button on the bottom of the page in order to complete edit operation.